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Freshly split wood is cheaper than dry wood, with a price advantage of at least 10%. Cordwoodcover's unique stacking technique, combined with elements that ensure good air circulation, ensures fast and efficient drying of your wood. Experience shows that the drying time can be reduced to as little as 4-5 months. By stacking Cordwoodcover with freshly split firewood in the spring, you will have firewood ready for heating before the cold sets in. An efficient and economical solution!


What is cordwoodCover?

Solid and durable.

The German method of stacking and storing firewood has deep traditions far back in time. Experience shows that circular stacking provides optimal ventilation and thus the wood will dry faster.

  • Air vents
  • Buckles with secure attachment
  • Strong UV-protected 360 GSM PVC


Flexible and spacious

Flexible and affordable way to store firewood and which you can move as needed.

  • It is easy to get firewood from the stack.
  • Can accommodate approx. 7 pallets of firewood
  • Water proof


Proud partner with Norway's cottage association

We are proud to be a collaboration partner with Norway's Cabin Association.

Water proof

Top cover keeps rain, snow and leaves out of the woodpile.


New second generation top cover made of strong UV-protected 360 GSM PVC


2.45m in diameter and 1.4m high, holds approx. 7 pallets of firewood

Maintenance free

The top cover contains four vents to provide proper ventilation and airflow

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