A little about wood burning

Firing with wood has traditions far back in time. In ancient Egypt they built ovens out of clay, and the Greeks made baking a craft in open-fronted ovens in ancient Greece. But it was only in the Middle Ages that we used wood burning in closed ovens to heat homes.

Today, one in five Norwegians use wood burning as their main heating source. Nine out of ten of us, who have a fireplace, use it. This is evident from a survey carried out by Norstat on behalf of Norsk Varme, the industry association for environmentally friendly fireplaces and chimneys.

It is generally more environmentally friendly to heat the house with wood than with electricity. If you fire correctly, you get more heat and less pollution out of the wood. Good for the environment and good for the wallet. Burning wood and other utilization of biological fuels - such as wood chips and bark - means that you use energy that is 100% renewable.


Use dry logs at the bottom and a mixture of kindling wood and 2-3 kindling briquettes at the top.

Dry wood weighs little and has deep cracks. If you hit two blocks against each other, it should sound like a bat hitting a leg ball.


Ignition from the top provides faster heating of the combustion chamber, which means that you quickly get a good draft in the furnace pipe and pipe, more oxygen for the flames and a higher temperature. The flames at the top heat up the logs below so that these give off the gases that keep the fire burning and burning. Use kindling briquettes to ensure quick enough ignition of the kindling wood on top to avoid unnecessary smoke.


Make sure that enough air enters the house, so that the stove gets enough air for combustion. Kitchen fans and ventilation systems that draw air out of the house reduce the draft in the pipe. Remember to open all valves in the oven. Feel free to leave the door ajar for the first few minutes until it burns well.

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Store your firewood in a smart way with the Holz Hausen method
and Cordwood Cover.

What is the Holz Hausen method?
Holz Hausen is an old German method of stacking firewood in a round and conical shape. By stacking the logs in this way, the air circulation is utilized to the maximum, and the drying process becomes faster and more efficient. This method also means that the wood takes up less space and is easier to stack than traditional methods.
The result is a reliable and long-lasting supply of quality wood.

C ordwood Cover.
Cordwood Cover is a product specially designed to take advantage of the benefits of the Holz Hausen method. This innovative wood storage solution combines functionality and aesthetics in a unique way.

!. Increased efficiency in the drying process.
By using the Holz Hausen method with Cordwood Cover, air circulation is optimally utilized. This means that the wood dries faster and more evenly than with traditional storage. The reduced moisture in the wood leads to a more efficient combustion when it is used as fuel, and thus you will get more heat out of each log.