Sikker, effektiv og estetisk.

Protects your wood from weather and wind. The stacking technique makes the wood dry faster.

  • The set contains a top pull and mesh base for easy and quick stacking of the wood according to the old German stacking technique, also called the Holz Hausen method.
  • New second generation top cover made of strong UV protected 360 GSM PVC with integrated rip stop reinforcement
  • The mesh base contains four strap buckles for attachment to the top cover.
  • Graphics on the side of the cover show you at any time how much wood is left in the wood stack.

Far too many people stack their firewood along the house wall. This can cause damage to the wall panel as small animals from the wood can pull into the panel. Out in the terrain, it is also challenging to cover the wood without it rotting or attracting unwanted pests. With Cordwoodcover, you store your firewood in a safe, fast-drying and decorative way

  • It is easy to get firewood from the stack.
  • Can accommodate approx. 7 pallets of firewood
  • Water proof

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